I'm a huge Animal Crossing fan, most likely this is how you found me! I also post cute pictures, and things that I find amusing, or important. On AC, I am Sugar from the town of Sweets.
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do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while

I love that. If someone tries to talk to me I just say ‘not now… I’ve got a stare going…’ They understand.

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never 4get that moment in the animal crossing movie where kk goes up on stage and introduces himself in that sweet sweet smooth-as-cream voice, then proceeds to strum his guitar aND WEH WEHWEH WEH WEHWEH WEH WE H WEHWEHHWEH

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I ship these two together so much, but never see them together. Today I caught them just as they decided to wear matching clothes! YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE! 
(their nicknames from me are marshmallow and bonbon <3)

Dotty is in boxes! Does anyone want to adopt her? Send me an ask!

Sadly it’s now 2am, Dotty has vanished into the void!

For my girlfriend, who got two of her dreamies the other day! <3
Tried using some colors from that palette thing woo

Awesome!! I have these two in my town… I really want them to be a couple! They gossip about each other but I never see them together :P

Where’s my Bells? 
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Forever A Loan T-shirt 

My Sprinkle figure out of polymer clay!

Cutest !