I'm a huge Animal Crossing fan, most likely this is how you found me! I also post cute pictures, and things that I find amusing, or important. On AC, I am Sugar from the town of Sweets.
My FC is
My dream address is 7100-4378-2708. These are my current villagers!
Tia  Erik  Marshal Molly Ankha KabukiStitches FlurryCoco
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Hello everyone! Sable here with good news!

Alot of people were asking about how to put my designs on signboards in the game. This was a rather difficult process that required editing images etc. An easy solution is now available! From now on, every pattern that needs editing to be put onto a…

That’s so helpful! Thank you

Looking for acnl items!

I’m looking to buy lots of:
(from Halloween)
Candy (from Halloween and bunny day)
Cakes (birthday, chocolate)
Chocolate bars (from the island)
Jacobs ladders (perfect town)
Fizzy juice (new year gift from Isabelle)
Birthday items (birthday not balloon)

I can trade hybrids, silver axes, toy hammers, street pass items, good luck roll (little sushi rolls you can eat!), bells, re-orderable stuff! Or if you’re looking for something please let me know!

Thank you, signal boosts appreciated!

Triplestations Feedback: Sweets →


Sorry for the wait but we’ve finally put together our first review.

User cupkatekitty has asked us to give some feedback for her dream town of Sweets. The DC is 7100-4378-2708.

This is our first request so the format is subject to change but we hope this is useful.

It’s a…

Thank you for this review!! I’m feeling really positive and motivated to make some improvements now!!
I would love so much, if say in a months time or so, you would come back to visit. If you’d like to, hopefully you’ll see many of your suggestions have been implemented! Xxx

thomcrossing said: Hi, this is Thom from triplestations. You asked for a dream town review and we just finished it! The question is, do you want us to publish it or would you prefer a private message?

Please publish it! I’m sure it’s not all bad, hehe. Thanks very much!! Xxx


272: Calico Sketch

Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]